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Train with Lyzabeth at your gym!  Over 200 exercise tutorials, 20 of Lyzabeth’s actual full gym wokouts, and an eating plan that fits your lifestyle. Get started today!

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Hourglass Workout

In-person classes to create lean, sexy curves. Includes a holistic eating plan of your choice, all workouts, special form training workshops, nutrition seminars and More!

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Master Class Workout Tour

Booty Building Master Classes With Hourglass Workout Creator Lyzabeth Lopez. She will be visting Toronto, New York, LA, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and a city near you!

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About Lyzabeth

Lyzabeth Lopez is an award winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, TV host, writer and social media powerhouse. Her wealth of knowledge, infectious personality and passion for holistic living has earned her a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and highly a respected brand in the health and fitness industry.

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