Amazing Fruit Infused Water (with 0 calories)


Amazing Fruit Infused Water (with 0 calories) – 7 Tips For Staying Hydrated


I want to show you one of my favorite hacks for getting my daily water in! Now ideally you wanna aim to get in 2 to 3 liters of water in per day. I know! That’s a loooottta of water! And if you are not used to drinking so much water, there is definitely a learning curve! Below you will find my 7 tips for staying hydrated (and some tricks on how to make water taste yummy!). Watch the video down below & then keep reading for the recipes! You can print them and put them on your fridge for ease of use 🙂


7 Tips For Staying Hydrated

Water not only does it hydrate us, but it gives you clearer skin, shinier hair and allows your metabolism to function at its best!

It’s one of the best things in the world that we can put in our body, but we struggle to get it in. So, here are some fun ways that you can stay on track with your water:  

  1. Drink INFUSED WATER: Add some mint, lemon, cucumbers to your water to make it taste better!
  2. Invest a 1-litre water bottle: Go and purchase a one-liter water bottle and drink 2 to 3 full bottles per day!
  3. Keep an extra water bottle at your desk, in your car, and in your bag. Basically, you want to VISUALLY have water all around you!
  4. Start your day with a 500 ml to a liter of water! Lemon water, warm water and apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll water are some great ways to detox in the AM.
  5. Add some herbal tea to your diet. While caffeine does dehydrate you, a cup or two of non-caffeinated herbal teas are a great way to take in more water.
  6.  Drink some cold pressed or fresh squeezed juice! Now sugar filled boxed juices are not very healthy but cold pressed juices are a great way to take in more water and nutrients. I would suggest having these once in a while.
  7.  Schedule your water and keep a log! Use a “water” log to ensure you are getting enough water. If you find that you are forgetting to drink water, put an alert on your phone to remind yourself to drink some water every hour or so!

4 Of My Fave Recipe For Infused Water

Below are 4 of my favorite recipes for infused water! Try these for a refreshing taste and as an alternative to regular water!

  1. Infused watermelon and basil: The flavor is a water melony with a hint of basil, but, the scent of the basil as you drink it is intoxicating. Scrunch the basil in your hands before adding to the water to increase the flavor. Give it at least 2 hours in the fridge to soak up the flavor.
  2. Infused strawberry and cucumber: It has the fruity hint of strawberry with the smooth flavor and scent of cucumber. The strawberry can get mushy, so try to drink same day.
  3. Infused Grapefruit, ginger and basil are a refreshing flavorful mix for the senses!
  4. Infused lemon and Cucumber is a very popular mix at spa’s because it’s a smooth and relaxing. Just a little tip. The lemon rind can make the water taste bitter quickly if left in the water. I would recommend cutting off the rind for infused water unless you are planning to drink it within 2 hours of making it.

I like to let all infused water sit at least 2 hours but not more than two days before drinking. You can make little waters like this or make one big jug to finish that day. Try to use organic produce and wash everything thoroughly.

That’s it. Get that water in people!

I hope that you enjoyed these recipes and tips! I’ll be posting more healthy snack recipes here so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to  catch all the recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and more.

xoxox, LL.

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