Ada’s Curve Building 3-Month Transformation


Ada, a busy lawyer and mom had a beautiful transformation using the Hourglass Workout Training Program. These photos show her long-term results as she was able to maintain her curvy, fit slim frame over the years. 

Her goal was to get healthy, fit, and keep her curves and she did just that! 

Before/After photos below show that while she lost considerable body fat, she maintained all of her natural curves while adding lean fit muscle.

Look at that sexy fit back, lean fit arms, and snatched waist! 

Ada not only looks healthy and fit, but she gained considerable strength, endurance, and agility. Check out some of her videos below:  

Ada's Testimonial

"Eating healthy is always a struggle for me, but having the community support helped me to stay on track including Lyzabeth's seminars. In the end, it's about how badly you want it and how much you're willing to go outside of your comfort zone! Thank you Lyzabeth & Team for making it such a wonderful experience." 
Hourglass Workout Client

With Hourglass Workout programs, I teach the importance of not allowing yourself to get complacent with light weights. I teach my clients to learn form, take care of their bodies and slowly master the skill of progressive overload. 

In the video below, you’ll see me taking some Hourglass Members through a high weight/low rep ‘let’s find your new max weight progression session.’ 


I’ve lead special in-person workshops to meet with online 1on1 clients to work on form and have meet and greets.

Check out the video below: Ada, along with a few of her Hourglass classmates all hit a new max of 325lbs on the hip thrust together. 

I teach a variety of training styles in the Hourglass program. There are gym based programs, (home workouts with and without equipment) and more.  With 1on1 training, everything is customized to you. 

Great work Ada! I love seeing these types of goals achieved! 

If you’re looking for a program to help you lose 10-20 lbs in as little as 12-weeks that is customized just for you and includes six layer of accountability and an amazing online community, book your call today to find out more! 

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