Best 5 Booty 🍑 Exercises for Slim Girls!!!



Check out my BEST BOOTY BUILDING exercises for SLIM GIRLS! 🍑 

While weight loss seems to be a huge concern out there and everyone is making plans on how to lose weight, I understand that there are a large number of women out there wanting to gain size in a feminine way (and build their booty). In this video below, I’ll share my top 5 exercises for my slim girls wanting to add sexy feminine curves and size to their physique.

In case you don’t get a chance to watch the full video. Here’s a recap of my faves!

1. Squats

No Surprises here right! Squats are great for slim girls because they don’t just build the glutes, they build the entire leg which is a great look for slim girls.

If you are very squared through the waist, I would stick more closely to stationary machines like the smith machine, kettlebell sumo squat, sharkpit squat or goblet squat.

Barbell squats will require more core engagement, and while strengthing your core, it may also build it a bit thicker on the sides as you increase your lifts. If you’re okay with this, that’s fine as well, it’s just good to have the data. With this said, I am a fan of the low-bar squat. I think it hits the glutes at a better angle than the traditional barbell squat. But, whether you do a high bar or low bar squat will have to do with the length of your torso and legs as well.

Pls note: while bodyweight squats (squats done with not equipment) are a great exercise, as a slim girl, resistance training (or weighted squats) performed correctly along with enough calories is what will assist in adding size to your glutes and thighs.

2. Deadlifts

Olympic bar deadlifts in traditional and sumo style are like the squat, great for the glutes, but also great for the entire leg. You may like one or the other better depending on your height and level length, but you’re still able to do both regardless.

The Sumo Deadlift will activate more adductor (inner thigh) than the traditional, while the traditional will activate more quadriceps (front of the upper leg) in addition to the entire posterior chain (Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower Back).

3. Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust is a great glute builder for all body types! This movement when done properly is one of my favorites for adding size to your glutes. I feel it’s a good idea to do this exercise with both with lighter and heavier weights. With lighter weights, it should be a slow controlled movement and an intense held flex and slow concentric phase (the way down). With heavier weights, it will be more of a powerful fast and intense contraction. Both of these styles work and both should be incorporated.

4. Reverse Hack Squat or Lever Squat Machine

The reverse hack squat or lever squat are great for building size on your butt and legs. A lever squat is ideal as it keeps you in perfect form and allows you to go very heavy and deep. If you can find one of these, they are like gold! You’re more likely to find a hack squat machine. In order to focus on more the glutes, you would turn the wrong way ‘technically’ on the hack squat which is why it’s called the ‘reverse hack squat’. Since it’s not meant to be used in this direction per se, you need to pay special attention to form, mainly keeping your spine and neck in a neutral position.

Note: for slim girls, you can use this in the traditional direction as well it put more emphasis on the quadriceps (front of the upper leg) to add size as well.

5. Leg Press

The leg press can be used at a variety of angle to get different results. I use it differently for my naturally slim vs my thick clients. For my slim clients I like to use it traditionally 2 legs on, but, at a variety of foot positions. On some sets, feet can be wide and high (this hits more of the glutes and adductors). On other sets, they can be closer to hip-width apart and at a 90-degree angle as you lower, this hit more of the full leg. Leg press is a great leg builder. To perform this exercise optimally, go deep on your reps, and try different ‘time under tensions’ or TUT’s. TUT is the amount of time you spend on each part of the contraction. For example, on a lighter set, you could do 2 seconds down and 4 seconds back up. Playing with the TUT will change the exercise quite a bit.

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