So you are working out… hitting the gym hard, trying to grow that bum and instead, you see it shrinking! Yikes! Indeed it can be frustrating to see your hard work in the gym reap you minimal results. But there is a pretty good explanation of why this happens. In my video below, I am going to give you a list of what might be going wrong in your nutrition or training that may be holding you back from getting your best booty, or worse… letting it get smaller!


My 10 Take Away Tips

  1. Be careful of doing too much cardio! You may burn away all that muscle you’ve been working so hard to build!
  2. Activate, activate, activate! Make sure to activate your glutes before going hard on those leg exercises!
  3. Loosen your hips! Tight hips equally inactive glutes! You want to release your IT band and hip using foam rollers or mobility exercises to reap the benefits of your workout!
  4. Look at the WHOLE picture! Are you seeing all your progress or just focusing on your bum? Take some progress pics to get a more realistic view of your progress!
  5. Choose BUILDING exercises not just toning exercises! You need to add weight to see changes! Focus on building muscle! (check out my curve building online program to learn which exercises are best for building glutes!)
  6. Focus on cinching your waist! Bodybuilding ab exercises and power lifting are often not the best… I prefer pilates exercises for abs and the core!
  7.  Are you getting enough FOOD? You may not be eating enough to build muscle. Muscle needs fuel to grow!
  8.  Up your protein! Most females need about 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per lbs of body weight. Hit your protein goals to keep your curves!
  9. Be PATIENT! Building muscle takes a LOT more time than losing weight…. be patient! It may take a few months to see results.
  10.  Work with your genetics! Aim to get YOUR best bum! Access your body and be realistic!

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xoxoxo, LL.

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