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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay on track with my meal plan?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

Make a goal – give it a date and make yourself accountable
Main underlying goal must always be health! (everything else will follow)
Make it a priority to learn about your body and the food you eat. We all live outside of our bodies… we know the best shampoo for our hair, but we have no idea where our liver is or what it does or how our food effects it. Knowledge is power, when you understand your food, you’re more likely to stick to what you’re doing!
Plan your cook out – this is the secret to every successful fitness model.

What are your top diet tips for a swimsuit body?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

Stop eating a few hours before bed to allow for good digestion (beauty sleep
Don’t cut out whole food groups – just choose them wisely – ie fat/carbs
Eat your vegetables & your sea veggies
Pack your food so you stick to it
Live your lift – 80/20 rule – I don’t have my clients chose a cheat day – I let them let lift happen – if it’s a wedding or a girls night out – eat… but max two times a week for one meal – the rest of the time you’re good!

What supplements should I take?2014-06-29T22:46:09-04:00

Fish oil
Energy – matcha green tea
Chlorella/ sea veggies

Can I get a flat tummy through site ups alone?2014-06-29T22:44:49-04:00

Short answer is no
There are three parts to great abs outside of great genetics
Train your abs to give them strength and shape
Diet is key –
proper digestion so no bloating
loss of fat to show the abs
additional fat loss
reduce stored toxins etc.

What is the point of doing morning cardio?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

Big fan of am cardio
Three main systems that we use for fuel glycogen, fat, protein
When we sleep, we burn off a lot of glycogen, so empty stomach morning cardio is a great way to
Burn a higher % of stored body fat
Get your metabolism going in the am
Less likely to eat garbage as workout out does this

Will training with heavy weights make me bulky?2014-06-29T22:38:49-04:00

For the vast majority of women out there, no, but for some yes, and over time if done consistently yes… but you can use this to your advantage and grow the areas that you want to grow…
I train fitness models and we lift really heavy in hopes of putting on muscle mass, and doing that naturally takes purposeful work!
Some people may have genetic where areas can grown quicker, so they will be more careful and do more of a shaping approach, but lifting heavy is how I get my fitness models there very feminine curves.
The great thing is, if you ever feel an area is overdeveloping you just go lift or stop and the area will go back to the way it was…
It is great fun to treat your body as an experiment and see how it reacts to different styles of training.

I would love to do the program but I cannot afford it. What are my options?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

Connect with Lyzabeth through social media where you will have the opportunity to see many of her tried and true exercises which have helped her to build that hourglass figure!  These exercises can be used as inspiration for your own workout routines.  Connect with Lyzabeth now!  (link to youtube page and Instagram page)

Please note: Nutrition/Supplementation and Training advice cannot be given via e-mail.  We are more than happy to assist you with obtaining the best-suited eating program for your health and fitness goals, however! is monitored by Lyzabeth’s assistant/management and not Lyzabeth Lopez herself.

Can I do Train With Lyzabeth at home?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

The Train with Lyzabeth program is comprised of Lyzabeth’s own personal gym workout routines that she uses to shape an hourglass figure.  As such, you would be severely limited should you attempt to do these workouts at home as many of the exercises require specialty equipment that is typically only found in a gym.

Is your workout safe if I have injuries?2014-03-19T23:36:24-04:00

It is always important to consult with and get clearance from your doctor prior to starting a new workout routine – this is especially important if you have injuries.

How do I get my pre-baby body back?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

The after baby ‘hot bod’ can be challenging to achieve, but it is attainable! It just takes a bit more planning and patience. If you have a partner that can allow you 1-2 hours of time to yourself, you can get that workout in just like anyone else, but if not, home workouts or workouts with your baby might be your best bet. Remember – it is always important to check with your doctor regarding the appropriate time to bring back intense exercise as well as what foods/supplements are okay to consume while breastfeeding. There are excellent DVD’s just for mom & baby and you might even be able to find stroller workout and baby & me classes in your neighborhood as well. Don’t let the “I just had a baby” line last too long! Most women can start exercising regularly roughly 3 months after they give birth (this varies from person to person).
Are Lyzabeth’s program’s appropriate for post-baby workouts? Yes, they are with doctor’s approval. Lyzabeth has prepared women for fitness shows getting them on stage in as little as six months after the birth of their child rocking a 6-pack and all! Lyzabeth also offers a variety of eating plans that can help you attain your fitness goals through her Train with Lyzabeth online training program (include linked text).  The Classic eating plan is specially designed to help those that wish to lose post-pregnancy weight while gaining lean muscle.

How do I lose weight & keep my curves or gain curves?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

The goal of keeping your curves while losing weight is one that must be done under the guide of a good coach that understands this process, otherwise it is common to lose your bum and other feminine attributes while getting healthy and fit which can be very frustrating. With that said, there is very little to stop the reduced fat of the breast area, so those curves may be reduced due to training. While you can build a beautiful shoulder, chest and décolletage area, your breasts will likely shrink a bit if your goal is fat loss (the amount will be different for everyone). As for the glutes, again, when losing weight, some of it may be fat from your glutes, but the goal is to replace the size lost in fat with firm, lifted muscle while leaning and toning the rest of the body.  The result is a lean, curvy sexy body with round sexy glutes! How do you work towards this? The Train With Lyzabeth on-line training program was created with the goal of building out the glutes, and cinching the waist while creating lean toned arms and legs.

Which Program Should I Purchase if I Want to Lose Fat But Gain Curves?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

If your goal is to lose weight while building lean curves, the Classic eating plan offered with Lyzabeth’s Train with Lyzabeth online program is your best bet!  This meal plan in addition to the workouts offered with the program are designed specifically to help you lean out and gain muscle in the areas you need it most to help design that hourglass figure.  Check it out here.

How Do I Gain Weight and Get Curves?2016-11-23T14:02:00-05:00

For thinner women with the goal of adding curves to their frame by adding muscle, a good understanding of lifting for strength/size gains with safe and effective form is imperative. Additionally it is important to add muscle to specific desired areas of the body to remain feminine.

Someone who is thin might think that they just want to eat a lot of high calorie foods to gain weight, but this may just show up as added fat in areas that they don’t want like the love handles, face and arms. More importantly, this is not a healthy way to gain weight. Instead the goal is to gain an understanding of the right foods to eat to support your training for gains to keep your curves while adding size where you want it and remain healthy while doing it! So, in a nutshell, a dedication to clean eating and a challenging workout program is a must!  Lyzabeth’s Muscle Building eating plan offered through her Train with Lyzabeth online training program is specifically designed to help you develop curves by adding muscle to your small frame.  Check it out at Train with Lyzabeth.

What does it mean that your eating plans are Holistic?2016-11-23T14:02:01-05:00

Holistic nutrition is all about eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and well-being.  That means no foods that come packaged with ‘low fat’, ‘fat free’ or ‘sugar free’ labels – these are generally man-made diet foods with unhealthy additives and little nutritional value. Lyzabeth’s eating plans do not include ‘diet food’, they only include real food that not only will help you meet your weight and body goals, but are really good for your body inside and out! These foods may also: 1) give you more energy 2) give you better skin 3) stop bloating, acne, fatigue and so on. A holistic eating plan takes into account the whole person and is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  Lyzabeth has created several customized holistic eating plans designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  These eating plans are available with Lyzabeth’s Train with Lyzabeth online training program.  Find yours here!

How Do I Build My Bum?2016-11-23T14:02:01-05:00

Building your bum is not something that will happen over night!  It takes time, dedication and consistency to a clean eating plan and challenging workout routine.  There also needs to be a balance of heavy training exercises to build all the muscles that make up the bum from all angles, in addition to the correct abdominal exercises to cinch the waist to make the glutes appear larger as well as the correct lower body exercises to lean and lengthen the muscles of the legs. The correct amount and type of cardio and nutrition is also imperative in creating an hourglass figure that will put your gorgeous glutes on display! How do you do this? It takes the knowledge of proper ‘shape training’ and healthy nutrition to achieve a goal like this.  Need help? Luckily, Lyzabeth has not left you hanging!  With almost 20 years of experience with training women, Lyzabeth has created a system to help you build that hourglass figure! These are Lyzabeth’s own personal tried and true gym workout routines that she uses herself and with her personal training and Hourglass WorkoutTM clients which have helped to achieve the goal of a building a bum.  If you are in the Toronto or Montreal, Canada areas, check out an Hourglass WorkoutTM location near you! (link to hourglass site).  If these locations do not work for you, no need to worry – Lyzabeth has an online training program made just for you!  Check out Train with Lyzabeth for more details.