Flat Belly Hacks: 5 Tips For A Flatter Belly!



There are some simple tips that I can share to help you to a flatter belly. It’s not what the infomercials will tell you.. do a hundred crunches and eat 1200 calories a day… that’s just garbage people… these are the ‘real, real’ tips on little things that you do throughout your day that may be causing your belly to be larger than it should be… check out the first 8 of my easy to do hacks to get a flatter belly. As a registered holistic nutritionist, these are healthy, easy to follow tried and tested methods to get you to a flatter belly.

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  1. Chewing gum: I bet you did not know that chewing gum can lead to gassiness and a bloated stomach! The act of chewing itself leads to swallowing extra air. It also makes your body create extra HCL (… basically, extra stomach acids) which leads to a leaky gut and other digestive problems. So avoid chewing gum!
  2. Not having enough acidity: Our stomach actually needs to be acidic so you can break down food. Stress, medication, too much sugar and antacids can lead to low stomach acid. To combat this, try adding digestive aids like digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar, and fermented foods to your diet. (ps. check out my fire shot apple cider vinegar drink!) Also, are you lacking zinc? Try taking a test! If your zinc levels are low, you need to add more to flatten your tummy!
  3. Stop drinking water and liquids with your meals! Our stomach is meant to be acidic. When you drink water with meals you are causing your stomach acid to be diluted… which in turn makes it hard for our stomach to break down food. Have your water 20 minutes before meals!
  4. Sleeping 💤💤 : If you have an “ill-combined” meal (…think whole bunch of meat, ice cream, fries etc) you are essentially DESTROYING your sleep. Why? Because it takes our body a lot of energy to digest meals. And if you do heavy meals at night right before bed, chances are you will wake up groggy and feeling bloated! Try to eat an easily digestible meal at dinner and give your body 2 hours to digest food before going to bed. Let your body digest food and it will lead to flat stomach… overnight! haha!
  5. Let’s talk poop … (and lemon water!): Exercise and movement help you poo! So get active to get things moving! Lemon water in the morning can help with this as well! A liter of warm lemon water can help you detox, digest food and move things along!

I hope you enjoyed my flat belly hacks! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more fun tips! Also give my flat belly challenge a try!

xoxox, LL.

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