Don’t Squat Again Until You Do THIS!


Do THIS Before Your Next Leg Session

Glute not activating? Then you gotta try this! Our glutes are a special kind of tissue… I like to think they need tender love and care! Especially before workouts! The one thing that most people neglect to do is activate their glutes before hitting that squat rack!

If you are looking for a BETTER leg session, improved performance and a faster way to grow glutes, then make sure to follow my activation tips below! Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

Activating Your Glutes (In Home or Gym)

One of the number one things you need to do on every leg day to ensure you are actually using your glutes for your intense leg days and it’s called glute activation.

What is Glute Activation?

Glute activation is an exercise that you would do prior to staring your leg workout or cardio to activate or ‘turn on’ your glute muscles and get them ready for the workout. By pre-activating your glutes using small slow isolated movements, you’ll be more likely to use the glute muscles for the workout. When you do not activate and do muscle release exercises prior to a leg day, often you will compensate and end up using extra quadriceps, low back, hamstring and so on in place of the glutes. This is why we start all leg days and cardio sessions with glute activation.

If you watch me on Snapchat (user name: LyzabethLopez – and if you’re not, come check me!) You’ve seen me do this on my Snapchat for the last year and a half. Here is my favorite ankle weight activation routine before I start an intense leg day in real time, come do it with me: 25 of each ankle weight x 4 = 100 per side.

And that’s all. I’m now ready to get started and hit those big muscles.

Glute Activation YouTube

5 Good Reasons to “Activate” Glutes

  1. To ensure your glutes are actually firing during your leg workouts!
  2. To improve performance (lift heavier!)
  3. To reduce injuries
  4. To improve range of motion

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xoxox, LL.

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