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Fit Girl Gift Guide

As a women’s gym owner for over 13 years, I’ve created the Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fit Lady in your life (or maybe just for you), #treatyourself lol. 

These are quality products that I’ve tried and tested in my gyms with thousands of clients as the best products for building your body at home. 

Disclaimer: Please note that my article includes affiliate links to some products and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Extra Large Gym Mat For Home Workouts 7x4

For home workouts, there is nothing as helpful as having a good size workspace for a cardio/weights workout. A large mat that rolls up gives you space for everything from push ups and burpees to deadlifts and stretches. It not only is great for padding for lying down exercises like abdominal exercises, but also does a decent job protecting the floor from your e and noise dampening. This is an extra thick mat that still easily rolls up. 

2. Quality Stability Ball

The stability ball aka exercise ball is literally one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. It can be used as a bench, ab machine, leg machine and more. It’s imperative to get a quality version that is anti-burst. Everlast, Twist, Stott Pilates Balance Form are some of my favorite brands  to purchase and use commercially for all of my gyms and in my homes. 

What size stability ball should I choose? 

The Stability ball size generally ranges from 55-75 with 65cm being the most common size used at our Hourglass Workout gyms. Ball size is determined by leg lever length. You can determine the right size by sitting on the ball. The goal is to find a ball where your knee angle will be 90-degrees when sitting. Generally though, if you are tall, a 75cm is ideal, average height, 65cm and more petite in height 55cm. 

3. Fit Bit Charge 5

This is the smart watch that I use personally. It’s easy to use and connects to many other apps. My favorite features are the vibration reminder to move, the sleep score, and easy to see heart rate during sprint training/cardio. It’s also very well priced. 

4. Trigger Point 5-inch Myofacial Release Ball

The trigger point ball is one of my favorite pre- or post-workout prep tools. The 5″ specifically is the perfect size for loosening tight hips, glutes, shoulders, lats, really anywhere! 

The density is also right on point. It’s that perfect, not too hard, not too soft density that is great for any point on the body. I had these in my gyms and also in my home gym. I use it daily. 

5. Adjustable Ankle Weights

The adjustable ankle weight is key when choosing an ankle weight. 

The other option is sand, and I find no matter how high quality, sand will always find a way of leaking at some point. Sand is not adjustable and ends up just being messy. 

When choosing an adjustable, weight, a flap is also important. We purchased from a brand that didn’t have a flap coving where the weight is held snuggly and after a few months, the weights started to slip out and bonk our clients on the head. This ankle weight, while a bit more pricey will last the test of time and use.  

6. Heavy Kettlebell

The heavy kettlebell is the best way to make a maximum impact on your training with a minimal footprint. In my classes, the heavy kettlebell was often even more popular than the Olympic bars for deadlifts. We used them most often for plie squats and deadlifts. 

The most popular weights were 24-36 kg (with 28kg and 32kg getting the most use of our kettlebells. However, if you have the funds and space for another set and are more advanced, you can get a single in the 40-50+ kg range for heavier lifts. If you’re not familiar with KG, here’s the easy math. The weight x 2.2 = lbs. Example 28 kg x 2.2 = 61.6 lbs. 

7. The ultimate home dumbbell set

While this one is pricey, it’s a tool you will use forever. These hex weights last the test of time and generally never need to be replaced. The weight range is perfect for most women going from 5-25lbs in 5lb increments. For the majority of women that I’ve trained at the beginner and intermediate level, this will cover upper and lower-body workouts quite well. Everything from rear delts and triceps work with the 5lbs, shoulders with the 10lbs+,  15lbs to start biceps, and 20-25lbs chest, back, shoulder presses, and leg movements like lunges and squats. It’s an all-around great set worth the investment for anyone who wants real results. I highly recommend getting a set like this. If you’re more advanced, a set like this is still ideal. Add one pair of dumbbells for your back row/deadlift, for example, a set of ’40s or ’50s for those movements. This is one of the most essential purchases for any home gym. 

8. Best Box Jump For Home

These hard foarm box jumps are the most underrated piece of home equipment on the market. Why are they so amazing? Well, let’s make a checklist:

  • They can be the perfect hip thrust bench that doesn’t dig into your back. My clients use this as their hip thrust bench even though we had an expensive specific hip thrust bench. 
  • It’s excellent for step-ups and includes a variety of height options. 
  • The lowest height is suitable for Bulgarian split squats. 
  • If you don’t have a bench, you can sub this in as a bench. A bench is better, but this box can sub in interchangeably with a stability ball for bench needs. 
  • Of course, this can also be used for box jumps, etc. 

9. Glass Water Bottle

There are two best types of water bottles, stainless steel, and glass. This water bottle has a durable silicon wrap and a bamboo lid for eco-conscious sustainability. It also comes in a variety of colors and two sizes. This water bottle is sure to impress. 

10. Pro Bosu Balance Trainer

The bosu, standing for both sides up (because you can use it flat side or round side up), is the best home abs machine you could ask for. It works in the traditional sense of lying on it and doing ab crunches but takes them to the next level. Additionally, standing on it on either side, you activate your entire core and stabilizer muscles causing them to work harder and get stronger. The bosu is a welcome addition to any home gym. 

11. Pilates Mini Ball

If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you are familiar with these little ‘balls of fire. The Pilates ball works great for the abs/core, hamstrings, glutes, and more. It’s a small, easy-to-use piece of equipment that all levels can use, from the most beginner to the Pro level athlete. 

12. Pilates Ring

The Pilates ring can add an extra level of intensity to core training. It is generally held between your knees during abdominal movements but can also be used to intensify squats, and some use it for upper body exercises as well. 

13. Ab Roller

There are many ab rollers on the market. Many of the newer ones on the market have started to be made much smaller. I had both options at my gyms. My clients always went for the traditional model of the ab roller, as shown in the photo above. I also prefer this original model as the best size and format for the ab roller. Why do we love the ab roller? It’s a fantastic tool to give your abs/core a phenomenal workout. This tool is best suited for intermediate/advanced. 

14. Squat Wedge

A squat wedge is a great tool to help increase squat depth and protect the user’s knees by potentially improving the angle at the knees and hips. It can also potentially shift your weight to cause more engagement of the quadriceps. 

15. Tiger Tail

The tiger tail is a go-to for most runners to roll out the calves before and/or after a good run, but it’s much more than that. You can roll out any part of the body with a tiger tail. I’ve been using this product for 15-20 years and have never had to replace one. I’ve tried other brands, but none compare to the tiger tail. The handles have a nice give that is very comfortable even with a tight grip, and the roller has the perfect density of padding, not too hard, not too soft for rolling out knots. This one is on my highly recommended list.

16. TRX

The TRX is a ‘take it anywhere gym-in-a-bag! You can use the door anchor to use it in a doorway, use the loop to strap it around a strong tree, or purchase a small X-wall attachment to use on a particular wall that you know you use for it all of the time. 

With the TRX, you can work your entire body quite well. There are videos and YouTube tutorials with how-tos and full workouts that you can get for free to go along with it to get started.

17. Speed Rope

The speed rope is excellent for getting your heart up using minimal space and a small budget. You can learn this skill even if you’re new to jumping rope! Start slow, work on the basic bounce, and as you get better, you can start to add some fancy footwork like double-unders and peppers. 

18. High Waisted Butt LIfting Leggings

Are you looking for cute tights with a great price tag? Look no further! These tights are hyped for a reason. They have tummy control, a bit of butt lifting, and many cute patterns to choose from. 

19. Power Plate

The Power Plate is the ultimate in Home Gym Luxury! Personally I use it daily for 5 minutes. The benefits include: Improves bone mass, circulation, increases muscle strength, improves balance, decreases cellulite and more! Click the link for all the amazing details. 

Click this link to get 20% off! 

20. Free 30 days - TWL Workout APP

Take this gift just for yourself! My TrainWithLyzabeth workout app is the perfect workout companion. It offers the best curve-building workouts you can do at the gym or at home. Use this promo code to get 30 days free now! 


Use Promo Code: HOURGLASS to activate your free 30 days!

I’ve been working out at home exclusively since the onset of covid. I’ve built out my home gym to have just about everything I need to lift heavy, run hard and recover. Budget can be an issue to do this. I recommend investing in the tools you need little by little. Check places like Facebook marketplace, just in case you can get a great deal, but don’t budge on quality. Gyms purchase commercially rated high-quality products that biomechanically offer the correct and safe movement range and are made to last. The tools that I’ve listed above provide the same benefits. 


You’ve got this; get started today to build the home gym of your dreams. If you have any questions, you can always reach the team and me at info@hourglassworkout.com. xo 

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