• youtube fire shot

    Youtube Fire Shot: A Healthy Recipe You Ought To Try!

    YOUTUBE 'FIYAH' SHOT RECIPE Almost every day before my largest meal, usually lunch or dinner, I make my fire shot. The fire shot is one of my keys to a flat belly, great digestion, and [...]


    Zucchini Noodle Recipe: How To Make

    ZUCCHINI NOODLE RECIPE: HOW TO MAKE DELICIOUS, LOW CARB SPAGHETTI! So who wants guilt free, delicious, healthy spaghetti? If you are looking for a good alternative to that pasta, you gotta try zucchini noodles! This [...]

  • egg muffin recipe

    Egg Muffin Youtube Recipe: The Best And Easiest Breakfast

    If you are on the go like me all the time you are gonna LOVE this recipe! It is easy and nutritious... like the BEST breakfast idea: Egg Muffin! Watch my youtube below to [...]


Welcome to Treadmill HELL!

WELCOME TO TREADMILL HELL! 🔥🔥 My hardest, but… most fat burning workout EVER! Workout for 20-minutes, [...]


Philipp Plein

Plein Sport Instababes I have to say I was so honored to be asked to [...]