Best Cardio For Legs And Glutes: What To Do And Avoid!

It's so hard to know which training methods will get you to your goals. [...]

  • glute building exercises you are missing out on

Booty Building Exercises: 4 Exercises To Try Today!

BOOTY BUILDING EXERCISES Building glutes is not an easy task. It takes a lot of [...]

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Why Is My Bum Getting Smaller?

Why Is My Bum Getting Smaller?  So you are working out... hitting the gym hard, [...]

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Leg Machines Exercises: 4 Of My Faves!

Leg Machines Exercises 4 Of My Faves! Leg machines seem pretty basic when you look [...]

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Don’t Squat Again Until You Do THIS!

Do THIS Before Your Next Leg Session Glute not activating? Then you gotta try this! [...]


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Forbes Top Fitness Influencers

When the Canadian trainer started her Hourglass Workout business a decade ago, she was an [...]

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The Hourglass Workout – Business & Boutique Fitness

The Hourglass Workout as featured on BNN! Learn how federal government's tax change will affect small [...]

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COSMOPOLITAN.COM | Instagram’s Top 50 Bubbliest Butts!

The 50 Most Bubblelicious Butts on Instagram from COSMOPOLITAN.COM Need some fitspo to help you get [...]

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Popsugar – The 10 Biggest Fitness Icons of Instagram

Canada is well-represented by Lyzabeth Lopez, holistic nutritionist and creator of "the Hourglass Workout." Her [...]

  • Lyzabeth Lopez Hourglass Workout

SHAPE – Khloé Kardashian 7-Day Workout Plan Includes Lyzabeth’s Booty Moves!

Khloé Kardashian Shared Her 7-Day Workout Plan In Detail! She broke down her fitness regimen [...]

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