How Desiree Shed Fat & Put On Muscle Long-Term!


As you can see from these stunning before/after photos, Desiree not only did a fantastic job with fat loss, but she put on some beautiful and very feminine muscle tone to create a brand new body. 

Desiree did the Hourglass Workout Program. She did a fantastic job with our protocol of continually building on progressive overload (increasing her weights consistently and focusing on the flex (mind-muscle connection). Desiree was also a master of sprint & HIIT training. These are two of the keys to the Hourglass Method, and she mastered them. 

Desiree's Testimonial

Q) Tell us about your 3-month challenge with the Hourglass Workout

A)  There is something about aldkjfd challenge that fuels me. I regularly participate in the Hourglass Workout Program four days a week, so routine was not a problem. However, a fire lights within me when there is a challenge, and seeing how far I can push my body makes it exciting. The only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves. 

The key is to have a great experienced group of trainers and a wicked workout community. The challenge is not over; it’s just the beginning as I constantly see physical changes. 

While Desiree was after a weight-loss with toning transformation, we still focused on heavy progressive overload for shaping, we also balanced it off with intense HIIT and met-con traiing sessions for fat loos. See video below for a bit of what Desiree’s training looked like. 

Start your transformation today! I offer the Hourglass Workout Online so that you can do it from anywhere. It includes home & gym workout options, eating plans, nutrition & how-to train courses, and weekly zooms with me. To learn more about the Hourglass Workout Online Program, click here! 

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