Sade’s Snatched Waist+Muscle Transformation


Sade was such a pleasure to work with! She pushes hard in every class, isn’t afraid to lift heavy on progressive overload days, and aims for personal bests on sprint days. She understood the Hourglass Workout Method and led as a fantastic example and inspiration for others around her. 

Sade's testimonial

"I have been a member of the Hourglass Workout for the past 8 months, and it's been the most amazing, life-changing experience for me. With Hourglass, I have been able to see fast, real results from the gym training and classes. The trainers are amazing! The Hourglass Workout Community has been supportive from Day 1! I am now more confident in my own skin than I have ever been. I look forward to the future as I continue my fitness journey as an Hourglass Workout member. Thank you for everything thus far. XO ​
Sade M
Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner

The video below: Watch Sade in action, lifting heavy, running fast, and putting in work to create her healthy, fit, and super-shapely physique using the Hourglass Workout – Hourglass Shaper Program. 

In this video, you’ll see Sade trying a weight and failing at least twice (shoulder press & hip thrust). That makes me happy! This theory is something I will teach you in the Hourglass Workout. The saying that you must challenge your body to change it is true! I teach the value of safe, progressive overload and learning not to be complacent with lifting the same light-medium weights for 10-15 reps day after day, expecting to see dramatic results. That’s not how it works.

Sade followed the Hourglass Workout Gym Training & HIIT Workouts mainly. She worked towards personal bests on both and that really helped her create the toned, fit and shapely Hourglass Physique! Learn more about the program that she followed here! 

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