Protein ice cream is a go-to for me because it absolutely cures my ‘sweet craving’. It fills me up and it and actually feels like I’m cheating because it tastes so good. It’s also super quick and easy, and I generally have all the ingredients in my freezer, so I can make it at any time!

It’s best to use a high power blender for this recipe to break up the frozen fruit and ice. I use my vita mix. I think the power tech or ninja or any of the other high power blenders should work just as well!

Check my  Youtube video below on how to make your own delicious and healthy protein ice cream recipe! This recipe is one of many that is included in my online program!

how to make protein ice cream recipe


  • Frozen raspberries: Raspberries possess raspberry ketones which may have the ability to assist the fight against obesity and a fatty liver.  They’re also rich in vitamin C, manganese and fiber.
  • Vanilla protein powder: You can use whey, vegan or any other. This will give a flavor, so make sure it’s one that you enjoy. This is a great way to enjoy a snack while hitting those muscle supporting protein macros for the day.
  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk is made from the ‘meat of the coconut’. Its very rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides which is a great form of fat to be used as energy.  It’s a little bit high in calories, so it’s best to use in small doses unless you are looking for a calorie spike.
  • Mangos: Adds a punch of sweet flavor to your ice cream while adding skin beautifying Vit A and C and brain boosting B6.


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Here is what you need to make delicious, protein ice cream! This can can replicated to make mango, raspberry or coconut flavored ice cream.

1 cup frozen raspberrieseasy protein ice cream recipe

1 scoops vanilla protein powderprotien ice cream recipe youtube

2 coconut milk ice cubeseasy protein ice cream recipe video

40 grams frozen mangoprotein ice cream recipe video

¼ cup waterhow to make protein ice cream recipe


  1. First add water to assist with the blending. Then add your protein powder and quickly get those blended! As far as the protein goes, you can use whey, vegan protein, or any other one that you like. The protein will give a flavor, so make sure it’s one that you enjoy.
  2. Next we’ll add the fruit, so we’ll start with the raspberries.
  3. We’re also going to add a bit of mango. If you’re dieting and watching your sugar, and carbs, you can skip the mango. I like to add it as it adds a punch of sweet flavor to your ice cream while adding skin beautifying Vit A and C, and brain boosting B6.
  4. We’re going to add one coconut milk ice cube. This is also optional and can be skipped if you want your ice cream to be lower calorie (as coconut milk while very healthy is calorie and fat dense). I like adding it as it adds a creamy taste and flavor.  The fat in the coconut milk is a medium chain triglyceride and has many health benefits including the power to assist in healthy weight loss, so it’s a fat that helps you lose fat.

 Try it out and drop me a comment below and let me know how you like it! Also, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more fun, healthy recipes!

xoxoxo, LL.