Most people with hypothyroidism often suffer from sluggishness, low energy and even depression. Although thyroid medication can go a long way, changes in dietary habits can also hugely influence our thyroids.

I’ve written in the past about what foods to avoid and include as a hypothyroid. This post here also include some supplements you may want to include to help balance your hormone levels.

Another thing to consider is adaptogenic herbs. Two in particular, Ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea have shown to help those with low thyroid.

In my post today I will be discussing the adaptogenic herb rhodiola rosea and how it may benefit your thyroids.


Rhodiola is an ancient adaptogenic herb that has been used by the Chinese and Russians for centuries. It is often brewed as a tea but can also be found as a pill.

Rhodiola helps combat fatigue and improve energy levels. It can also decrease depression. This herb is particularly great for those with high stress and high cortisol levels.


  • Combats fatigue
  • Natural energy enhancer
  • Supports your adrenal gland (particular important for those with adrenal fatigue)
  • Increases cognition
  • Reduces depression
  • Helps muscle in recovery


You can purchase rhodiola as a supplement at a health food store. To a battle stress and fatigue, rhodiola is often prescribed at 288 to 680 mg range, but even 50mg is reported to be effective! Powerful stuff!

Rhodiola is particularly effective when combined with Ashwagandha. In his article, 10 Ways To Over Come Fatigue, Dr. Cammi Ballack states “[Rhodiola and Ashwagandha] are awesome helpers when it comes to boosting your energy…. By combining these two adaptogenic champions together you can help balance stress hormones, boost energy, and even burn fat. Adaptogenic herbs are awesome because they work with your body to bring you back into balance whether your levels are high or low.” (Source: Hypothyroid Mom )

As with any medication or supplements, make sure to ask your health practitioner first about adding Rhodiola to your regiment. Not all herbs and supplements are appropriate for everyone. Some may have a reaction, specially if already taking other medication.

Last but not least, know that a proper diet can go a long way! Check out my holistic meal plan for hypothyroidism for more supplement information and guidelines.
Happy healing! Xoxo, LL.

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