Alyssa’s WBFF Bikini PRO Winning Transformation


At the wbff pro show

Allyssa started out as an Hourglass Workout member in her late teens. After a beautiful body transformation in the program, she set her sights on competing in the WBFF Bikini World Championships. I was also competing in that show in the PRO Worlds Fitness Modle Category. 

I trained her almost exclusively through Hourglass Workout Classes with a few one-on-ones to hone in on her stage performance. She followed the Classic Plan for the majority of her prep, then I dialed in on her eating during the final 30 days before the show to get her stage-ready. She won 2nd place at the World’s behind Super Model Jennifer Nicole Lee in her very first time on stage earning her PRO card. Alyssa is an amazing athlete and human, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. 

allyssa's testimonial

When I was 18 years old, I decided to join the Hourglass Workout. I had randomly come across Lyzabeth Lopez’s Facebook profile… and thought to myself, “This woman looks amazing. I would LOVE to look like that!” I signed up for the class. Although I was always athletic, a dancer, and into sports… I was never the girl with the perfectly toned body and rock-solid abs. I had always looked towards different activities to get me fit – dance classes, soccer games… rugby even… but nothing would do it for me. I needed to hit the gym, bust a** and do something about it! So I did, and l will never forget my first class… We had just finished an early morning outdoor workout and were running back to the gym when I got lightheaded. I hadn’t eaten anything that morning, so I sat down on the sidewalk, and Lyzabeth came to my side. She was so concerned, she told me to stay there until I felt better, and then she ran across to the grocery store across the street and brought me back a piece of fruit! I was so grateful for her kindness, I caught the Lyza-Bug 🙂 Ever since that day, she was a constant support and teacher to me, an inspiration, and took on the role of that big sister I never had. Some of the best relationships I have in my life today were built in my two years at Hourglass. To all the ladies out there who feel they are missing something in their lives… who need that extra boost of confidence, support… or just plain old peace, do yourselves a favor. Experience Hourglass for yourselves, and I promise you will not regret it. It may just be one of the best decisions you ever make!”

Good Luck & God Bless! xoxo Alyssa Veniece

Alyssa Veniece

While these are her 3-month result photos, Alyssa remained in the program for many years to maintain her health and fitness. I was honored to have her there as an inspirational athlete and friend.

The current Hourglass Workout Program that best mirrors Alyssa’s protocol would be the TWL Gym Training Program or the Hourglass Workout On-Demand Home Workout – Hourglass Shaper Series. Allyssa lifted heavy weights to create the curves you see in the photos. She followed the Classic Meal Plan and finished with the Shredder Diet for the show. Everything listed here is included in the Hourglass Workout Online Training Program. Learn more about this program here!

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