9 months in and 5 months out… I’m often asked what I ate post pregnancy as a Holistic Nutritionist… so… Here’s how I leaned out after my pregnancy while I was still breastfeeding. I followed my sugar cleanse program with some minor adjustments for Breast Feeding:
1) I added a serving of gluten free oats, 2 cups of coconut water and drank raspberry leaf tea & mothers milk tea, water and other fluids to stay hydrated.

2) I did NOT do the intermittent fasting recommended on the plan (this is not advisable while breast feeding or pregnant).

3) I also skipped recipes with apple cider vinegar and stuck to my post pregnancy supplements.

4) I kept my calories 250 higher than my needs for milk supply.

Other than this I followed the Classic version of my SUGAR CLEANSE and felt amazing while still over-supplying my milk. 🥑We’ve now launched the Vegan version of the plan as well.


It’s that time of year! All plans are on sale for ONLY $27!!! From 40-80% off. These plans are easy to follow, include your grocery lists, eating plans, recipes and are macro calculated.

They are exactly what you need to get you on track!! You pay once and keep them forever to do as often as needed. They come in three calorie levels so you can do them with other people in your household as well.

Classic: https://trainwithlyzabeth.com/sugarcleanse/
Vegan: https://trainwithlyzabeth.com/sugarcleansevegan/

This plan is made to set you up for success. It includes:
✓ The Busy Babe Sugar Cleanse
✓ Easy to follow 30 day program & guide booklet
✓ 3 calorie levels to choose from: 1500, 1700 cal & 2000 cal
✓ All plans have been fully macroed for easy tracking
✓ A detailed grocery shopping list
✓ Community support group
✓ Simple, yet delicious, easy recipes perfect for a busy babe like you!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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