This post is for all of you slim girls, who eat and eat and eat but cannot put on weight! I know the struggle can be real! So I’ve created a simple TO EAT list to give you some tips on how to increase calories without the burden of eating more meals!

what to do when you cant eat any more food

Eating more healthy mono-unsaturated and saturated fats is a great way to increase calories.

What To Do When You Just Can’t Eat Any More Food!

  1. Increase you “good fats”: Eat more healthy fats! Some excellent option are organic butter, coconut oil and raw nuts and seeds.
  2. Don’t be afraid of saturated fats: For my meat eaters, go and get some steak and beef jerky! Saturated fats can be your best friend!
  3. Go with hemp: Raw nuts and seeds contain healthy fats, fibre and protein! So add some to your shakes, oats and salad! My fave one to add is hemp hearts! Both delicious and super nutritious!
  4. Invest in flax or MCT oil: Buy some organic flax seed oil and add one to two tablespoon to your shakes!
  5. Increase healthy simple sugars: Add a banana or some pineapple to your shakes! Or have it raw on the go! Fruits are great as a snack and can provide you with the sugar you need to push through hard workouts. They can also help with recovery and replenishing glycogen stores (which in turn allows you to continue to lift heavy)
  6. Supplements are your friend: Let’s face it, a good chunk of us don’t get enough protein and nutrients from our diet. I would strongly recommend you invest in three supplements (check out a few more good ones on this post):
    • A quality protein supplement: Read my post on how to pick one out here!
    • BCAAs or EAAs for during your workout
    • Creatine Monohydrate: to help you retain as much muscle as possible!

Now go shopping and hit the gym! If you are lost, I would suggest checking out my muscle building meal plan which provides you with a chart of exactly what to eat (and not to eat!) in order to gain weight!



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