10 Worst Healthy Foods To Avoid!




Have you been FOOLED by these 10 “healthy” foods? Unfortunately, not all health foods are all that healthy or nutritious. There are many foods out there that promise to be diet friendly and generally good for you but are the complete opposite.

Many of the foods that are labeled as “sugar-free”, “heart healthy”, “fat-free” or “diet” often contain man-made sugars, chemicals and other additives that are hazardous to our health. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I have ALWAYS been a fan  of eating unrefined whole foods, instead of packaged refined ones which are void of nutrients.

Remember once a food is processed it is often rid of its nutrients so best to fill your plate with whole foods that give you the vitamins and minerals you need!


Here is a list of 14 “Healthy” Foods To Avoid

  1. Orange juice (store bought): 🍊

    • Unfortunately processed orange juice doesn’t actually help with getting sick
    • It is full of sugar and additives
    • Store bought orange juice contains little minerals and vitamins as it is often made from concentrate and  heated. This process removes all the nutrients from the juice!
    • Better alternative: Fresh squeezed orange juice or eat the orange itself!
  2. Soy and tofu:

    • Soy is one of the most modified crops (it contains high amount of  GMOS)
    • Unfermented soy (like tofu) contain xeno and phytoestrogens that can cause hormonal havoc! (More on this on my Dangers of Soy article)
    • Better Alternative: Organic, no-go fermented soy (miso,  max once a week
  3. Vegetable oil: 🌽

    • Vegetable oils (like Canola) contain high amounts of Polyunsaturated fats which lead to bad cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
    • Have a low smoke point making them carcinogenic
    • Better alternative: Use Avocado oil or coconut oil for high heat cooking, and olive oil for low-temperature cooking
  4. Microwave popcorn: 🍿

    • I know it’s hard to say no to that buttery goodness but it turns out microwaved popcorn
    • Better alternative: Organic air popped popcorn
  5. Energy drinks:

    • Contain loads of sugar and other not so healthy additives (like food colouring)
    • Can also contain sugar alcohols which have been linked to cancer
    • Better alternative: Try substituting an Espresso, green drink, Yerba mate or green tea powder!
  6. Diet soda

    • Often contain aspartame, food coloring and other dangerous additives
    • Better alternative:  Kombucha or a cold pressed juice!
  7. Low-fat muffins

    • These contain more calories than donuts!
    • “Low-fat” foods are loaded with sugar and other additive to make up for a lack of taste
    • Better alternative: Reach for some sliced apple and nut butter as a midday snack or try my protein power balls!
  8. Whole wheat bread 🍞

    • No bread is the goal!
    • Most bread on the market contains refined wheat (and gluten)which can cause a leaky gut, inflammation, and other digestive issues!
    • Better alternative:  Ezekiel bread or Sprouted Spelt  bread🍞
  9. Fruit drinks 🍇

    • Basically, these are sugar water! Fruit drink offer NO nutrition value!
    • Better Alternative: Infused water! Try adding fresh cucumbers, mint and lemon for a tastier water.
  10. Gluten free/ sugar-free/ fat-free branded food:

    • Stir away from diet/ sugar-free/ fat-free foods! They are often the unhealthiest foods out there
    • Labels do not mean anything! They are just a very good marketing strategy.
    • Read your ingredients! These products often have lots of sugar, additives, preservatives and chemicals to make up for taste which leads to digestive and other health ailments.
  11. Tuna

    • Over farmed and contains high amounts of mercury which can lead to mercury poisoning
    • Better Alternative: Limit to light Light flaked tuna (smaller the fish the less mercury – made from meat, not mulch)
  12. Reduced fat Peanut Butter

    • Filled with crap (chemicals/ other additives)
    • Natural (sugar and salt-free) is always better
    • Better alternative: Try Natural peanut butter, almond butter or try sunflower seed butter
  13. Margarine

    • Made from refined vegetable oils like canola oil
    • Even the “olive oil”, “hearty healthy” versions of margarine are mostly made from refined vegetable oils
    • Better alternative: Organic raw butter or ghee
  14. Spring Water

  • Rich in minerals but kills the planet
  • Better alternative: Invest in a filter at home and have filtered water!

Now if you’ve been consuming many of these foods on a regular basis you might be feeling a little lost on what nutritious foods you should be eating. That’s why I’ve created my Flat Belly Challenge Elimination Diet to help you start fresh, reduce stomach bloating, and find out what foods have been hurting your digestion. CLICK HERE for full details 🙂


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