My Top 5 Muscle Building Exercises For Slim Girls



While weight loss seems to be a huge concern out there and everyone is making plans on how to lose weight, I understand that there are a large amount of women out there wanting to gain size in a feminine way (and build their booty). I’ve personally have had success building and maintaining my curves and helping other ladies do the same through my online training program!

Here are my top 5 exercises for my slim girls wanted to add sexy feminine curves and size to their physique!


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Squats5 muscle building exercises

  • Focus on form with these!
  • Note that there are many different variations of squats.. there is no one absolute “right” one to do but rather a recommendation to keep one or perhaps a few variety of squats in your training program.
  • Work towards progressive overload (SUPER important!)
  • Do a variety of heavy squats aiming towards a 4-8 reps range. Once you can do 8 reps with good form, move up in weight!

Olympic Bar Deadlifts5 muscle building exercises

  • Try both traditional and sumo form. Chose the one that feels best for you or do a mix of both. If you’re taller, you may prefer sumo style, but it does vary from person to person depending on your biomechanics.
  • Make sure to learn this from a certified trainer or coach who’s had experience teaching deadlifts. They are difficult to master and because they involve the lower back they can be dangerous if done with bad form.

Hip Thrusters5 muscle building exercises

  • My favorite form for heavy hip thrust are either using an Olympic bar on a soft plyo box or soft bench, or using the smith machine.
  • Ideally you want to go work your way up to heavier weight on these but its important to remember “quality over quantity”… do not sacrifice bad form for heavy weights on this exercise as it can cause lower back injury. Practice often and you will be able to lift heavier and grow that booty!

Hack Squat (or lever machine)5 muscle building exercises for slim girls

  • This is a great exercise! Using safe form, you can try this in the traditional stance or reverse stance (where you are facing into the machine)…. both ways are great for overall leg development!
  • I’ve noticed not all hack squats in each gym are built the same…. you may have to wiggle your stance on some machines to be comfy and for proper mechanics.

Leg press 45 degree (Hammer Strength or one similar)5 muscle building exercises for thin girls

  • Both single leg and two leg options are awesome! This exercise will build your entire thigh and glute area including inner thighs!
  • I’ve specified the 45 degree leg press as to be honest, not all leg press machines are good…

So are you faves on my list? I would love to hear your comments! Please comment below!

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xoxoxo, LL.

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