Booty Building Exercises: 4 Exercises To Try Today!



Building glutes is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort in and out of the gym. Now you’ve probably come across a variety of good booty building exercises but below are 4 of my favs that some training program misses out on. I encourage you to try a few and let me know how you like ’em!

  1. Pull throughs:

    I know these look a bit funny but believe me they are a great exercise to hit both glutes and hamstrings. You wanna set the cable pulley low and use a rope extension. Do not lock your knees when performing these. Keep in mind to push through using your glutes, especially at the top of your range!

  2. Back leg elevated deadlifts:

    This is one of my fav variations to deadlifts. Again, it’s another exercise that looks a bit funny but don’t knock it till you try it! It does a great job hitting glutes! Keep “soft” knees… do not lock the leg that is on the floor. The trick to these (like any other deadlift) is to move through the hips. Imagine your hip are a door hinge that opens and closes.

  3. Cable side lunges:This is a great alternative to  a lateral lunge. It allows you to go heavier and hit those glutes at different angles! Keep the pulley low on these and ensure your knee is tracking your toes on the lunge! Watch my video below to have a better idea on how to perform this move.

  4. Good Mornings:

    This is a classic exercise! It’s a great one for hitting the posterior chain!  Start with a light barbell and work your way to heavier weights. Similar to deadlifts, you need to keep a strong core and move through your hips on this exercise. (side note: if you have lower back problems I would steer away from this exercise)

Incorporate the above 4 exercises in your lower body days! These are exercises that I personally use and recommend to my TWL clients!

For a full glute building program, complete with instructional videos, meal plans, and a success guide check out my online, mobile friendly training program.

Happy training!


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