Curb Cravings Naturally: 8 Tips For Success!



Ok, so we ALL been there! Sugar cravings after meals… late at night … cravings for salty, sweet and junk food come and go at all kinds of times! There are times that you may think, you juuuuust can’t do this healthy eating thing!

I am here to tell ya, you are not DOOMED! I’ve experimented with some fun tricks that can curb craving naturally. Here are 4 of my true and trusted ways to curb cravings naturally!

Sometimes even the best diet and exercise program can be sabotaged by pesky cravings. Often our own habits and behaviors are to blame for those uncontrollable urges – below is a list of simple tips to avoid being a slave to the cravings!


  1. Shorten your meal timing:  This means within 1 hour of waking up and every 3-4 hours. This will prevent and dips and spikes and give you steady energy throughout the day! You know those hunger pangs you get? Often it’s because your blood sugar is super low… so eat often!
  2. Eat the right foods! Make sure you are having good quality protein and fat along with your carbs. The fat and protein will slow down the release of sugar from the carbohydrates and keep you feeling energized at a nice steady pace.
  3. Fill up on fiber: Adding fiber to your meals and snacks will keep you full and help prevent any cravings for diet sabotages
  4. Drink your water: Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Make sure to drink water in between meals throughout the day.H2O will also give you a burst of energy.
  5. Get busy! Do you find yourself eating more when plopped on front of the TV? How about when you are bored or anxious? If this sounds like you then get yourself busy! Go for a walk, schedule a workout… read a good book, work on a project you’ve been putting off! Getting busy will get your mind off food PLUS gets you working on something else (like growing that bum bum!)
  6. Leave healthy snacks around: I’ve find most of my TWL and HG girls often struggle with snacks… the trick is to meal prep your snacks the same way you meal plan your lunch and dinner. Boil a couple of eggs and set em to aside. Pre-package your veggies to throw into your smoothie. Make some power balls and leave a few in a plastic bag! You are less likely to eat junk food or come home starving if you have good snacks around you at all times!  And by around you I literally mean, leave em visually where you can see them!
  7. Add some L-Glutamine: L-glutamine is generally used to help with muscle recovery and  to heal our guts. However, there is some research out there stating that it also helps keep sugar cravings at bay! Not bad for this amino acid!
  8. Sip on some herbal or green tea: Herbal and green teas can be great for both stimulating your metabolism and detoxing. They also do an awesome job of keeping hunger pangs at bay and keeping you hydrated! Buy some organic leaves and get sipping!

The above 8 tips is one that I use personally and suggest to all my clients! They are proven tricks that work! Try ’em out and let me know how you fair! If you are looking for more great suggestion and a holistic meal plan to set you on the right track, make sure to take a peek at my online program!

xoxoxox, LL.

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