How To Build Glutes: 4 Questions On Building A Booty!

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Now, I receive a TON of great questions on how to build round glutes and today during my live seminar at my Hourglass Workout studio, I got to answer some of those burning questions! I thought to blog some of the answers for those of you who missed it! (ps. thank you for those who made it out! xoxo!)

Here are answers to 4 burning questions about how to build glutes! (this is no particular order!)  Check out my live FB video below for the full seminar!

  1. Can You Build Glutes While Dieting?

    So short answer is no, but please let me explain! For most people when they are dieting or trying to slim down, they are in a calorie deficit. And to be honest, it excruciatingly difficult to put on size when you are in a calorie deficit. I would suggest you pick your goals and stick to it. If your goal is to build your glutes then focus on that first then get onto fat loss. Most girls just cannot lose body fat while increasing their lean tissue… they are opposing goals! To gain weight we need to be caloric surplus….. to lose weight you need to be in caloric deficit. Now this is not to say that you cannot maintain your muscle tissue as you are dieting down (in fact, you should aim to keep your calories just high enough that you are losing fat while maintaining your muscle tissue. I know it gets complicated…. macronutrient counting is something I teach on my TWL and Hourglass programs!)

  2. Can You Grow A Booty As A Slim Girl?

    Listen, I have had girls in all shapes and sizes train with me! Slim or not, you totally CAN build nice round glutes. The trick is first and foremost acknowledge your genetics (no two girls are built the same) and then work with it! Slim girls benefit more from doing heavy squats, leg press, hack squats, hip thrusters, lunges… almost any compound leg exercise that hit glutes and hamstring can be beneficial! You should lift heavy and lift often (work your way up if you are a beginner).  I should also say that you need to be persistent! Don’t believe the hype on the internet about growing glutes with donkey kicks with no weight…your muscle need external resistance to grow! So pick up some weights and hit the gym!

  3. I am a THICK girl! Should I be lifting heavy and do I benefit from ANY leg exercise?

    Now not too long ago I put out a Youtube on 5 Booty Builder Exercises For Thick Girls (in case you missed it click and check it out!) As a naturally thick girl myself, I know what a struggle it can be to want to build a bum, without getting “thunder thighs”.  Ideally, you naturally thicker girls should do more posterior chain exercises (like deadlifts and hip thrusters) and stir away from heavy squats and hip building movements. Why? Because I’ve found that squats actually end up building our thighs … in a not so flattering way! So yes, you can totally lift heavy, given the RIGHT exercises. Glute isolation exercises are also great for thick girls!

  4. How do I cinch in my waist naturally?

    Alright, so first and foremost, clean up your diet! Nutrition is critical to fat loss and a flat belly! Second, learn how to contract and breath properly. I am a pilates instructor and a HUGE advocate for pilates techniques! I’ve personally have had a ton of success keeping a small waist using pilates. Pilates exercises and breathing teach you how to contract and engage your core…. it is drastically different from yoga breathing and takes some time to master. But totally worth it getting it! Watch my FB live video to see me demonstrate pilates breathing (at 1:06:47) I also want to add that I don’t think females benefit from heavy weighted ab exercises… and especially oblique exercise (think side bends). In fact, these types of movements can totally thicken your waist in a not so pleasant way.


Regardless of your shape know that you can build nice round glutes! It’s important though to understand your genetics and work with it to empathize nice lean curves. Not all programs and meal plans are appropriate for every female. I specifically have made my online program for ladies who want an hourglass figure.  With that said, even within my program, I give directions for slim and thick girls. Finally, when it comes to nutrition know that you have to play around with it too. Some ladies fair better on high-fat ketogenic diets while others can lose and maintain their weight on high carbohydrate diets. I would recommend looking into finding out what your metabolic type is, perhaps also doing a food sensitivity test and go from there.

xoxox, LL.

ps. feel free to comment below for more burning fitness and nutrition questions!


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