Leg Machines Exercises: 4 Of My Faves!


Leg Machines Exercises 4 Of My Faves!


Leg machines seem pretty basic when you look at them, but there are little tweaks that you can do to get so much more out of them. I’m going to show you little tricks of some of my very favorite booty building, and leg shaping machines!

These machines include some that I use on the regular and have incorporated into my online training program. Next time you are at the gym, give em a try!




Machine 1 – Donkey Kick Machine

Unfortunately, many gyms do not come equipped with this golden piece of equipment. This machine mimics a donkey kick aka a glute kick back. The bonus of using this machine instead of ankle weights is that you can easily go heavier… without losing form.

Machine 2 – Hamstring Curl Machine

Many people do not think of hamstring when they think about glutes, but let me tell ya, hamstring development is SUPER important for glute development. Why? Because out glute muscles insert right underneath the hamstrings and are quite active during exercises that target the hamstrings. So do not forgo this machine! Bigger, stronger hamstring lead to bigger stronger glutes! Make sure to use the adjustor to adjust the machine lever to your leg length and comfort level. Last but not least, keep your toes flexed (pointing towards your head) as you move.

Machine 3 – Abductor Machine

You may be surprised that that is actually more than one way to use this machine! (See my demonstration in the video). The abductor machine can hit side of your hips and glutes at different angles! Make sure to keep both feet flat on the pedals of this machine.

Machine 4 – Adductor Machine

This machine is the reverse of the above machine. You are essentially bringing in (or ADDucting) your legs towards the center of your body. It hits your inner thighs. Again, like the machine above, keep your feet (toes and heels) flat on the foot pedals when moving.

I hope you enjoyed my video! Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more fun fitness tips, recipes and more!

xoxox, LL.

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