5 Glute Building Exercises For Naturally Thick Girls



For all my fellow naturally thick girls out there, listen up! I understand your plight of wanting a bigger booty but not really wanting to add size to your thighs. This post is dedicated to all you naturally curvy girls! I’m sharing with you my tips for building great glutes while not building out thunder thighs (LOL)!5 glute building exercises

In my video below,  I’m going to show you 5 of my fave exercises to grow  your booty, but not your thighs! (It is not in any particular order… rather awesome exercises that have worked for me and my clients… ones that are part of my TWL program!)

Naturally slim girls, this video is not for you! Make sure to check out my 5 glute building exercises for slim girls here!


Here are my fave 5 Glute Building Exercises For Naturally Thick Girls!

  1. Kettle bell deadlifts:

    This is an excellent exercise that hits both glutes and hamstrings. It works riiight under the bum area where your hamstrings attach at your hip bone and glutes. You can go pretty heavy with these (as long as you have a strong core and good form…). This exercise is good for pretty much all sort of different body types. 5 glute building exercises for thick girls

  2. Glute/Ham machine: If you find one of these at your gym, learn to love it and cherish it! It is one awesome piece of equipment. Done properly, a glute/ham machine works your entire bum and hammies. It can also give bulk to the back and create a strong, sexy lower back! I would suggest starting with your own body weight and working your way up in weight! You can alternatively use a back extension machine if you don’t see this in the gym!
  3. Glute Cable Kick backs on bench: So I’ve Been doing this since I was 13 years old! This exercies hits both hamstrings and glutes. I literally carry ankle cuff with me everywhere! haha! You can find cable station at most gym these days… once you locate one, make sure to set the pulley low and the attach ankle cuffs!
  4. Cable Deadlift (pull throughs): Most girls feel shy at the gym when doing this exercise… stop that! Get that booty! This is an an awesome exercise and great alternative to traditional hamstring exercises like lying or seated curls. For this exercise, you wanna set the pulley low and use a rope handle. Try to find the stretch in the hamstrings as you go down and power through your glutes as you come up!
  5. Weighted Hip thrust: This is a classic Hourglass Workout exercise that all my clients love! It’s great because it hits the whole bum and hammies! You can go pretty darn heavy on these… just a word of caution for those of you with lower back injuries, you may find this exercise painful… and not in a good way. If you have lower back issues, start your way slow and controled with little or no weight. If you do find it aggravating, please stop! It’s not worth bad pain …5 glute building exercises f video

Now the list above doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do awesome compound movements like squats. I just have found that doing heavy squats on a regular basis will not just build your butt, they will absolutely also build your entire leg… which may not be your goal as a naturally thick girl!

My approach has been to add those types of movements in here and there but keep posterior chain type movements. I would recommend keeping posterior chain, glute isolating movements as your main for shaping and do compound movements (like squats) a bit lighter….. while throwing in an the occasional heavy day to keep strength.

I hope you enjoyed my video! Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more great booty building tips and healthy recipes!

xxoxoxo, LL.

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