Build Your Butt From EVERY Angle!



Hitting the butt from every angle!! Learn how to build your glutes, from top, bottom and side to side! Featuring my Hourglass girls Ada @dimples2887 & Sadé @sademartin

Check out their smokin’ hot 🔥 Hourglass transformations down below

Ada @dimples2887   

Sadé @sademartin

Now Let’s get down to business and learn how Ada & Sadé built those booties! 🍑🍑

The Underbum
Best Exercises for Under-Bum

At the Gym: Smith Machine Reverse Lunge  
At Home: Step-up          

The Side-bum
Best Exercises for Side-Bum

At the Gym: Abductor Machine

At Home: Abductor w/ Booty Bandz



The Shelf 💁
Best Exercises for the Shelf


At the Gym: Cable Kick  (Kneeling or Standing)


At Home: Ankle Weight Donkey Kicks



You can find all these exercises and more on my online program! Click HERE for the full program including the workout calendar below and start building that butt!



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