Why We Chose To Store Our Baby’s Cord Blood



Our little guy Tyson is here and I am going to do everything I can to keep him healthy and safe. As you all know health is at the center of almost everything I do from being a personal trainer, nutritionist and now as a new mom! I wanted to share my story of why I chose to store Tyson’s umbilical cord blood.

While pregnant at the hospital, I saw a pamphlet on umbilical cord blood banking and the benefits of storing baby’s cord blood stem cells. I was well aware that stem cells are the future of medicine and have many health benefits, so I was highly intrigued.

Storing baby’s cord blood and tissue stem cells, may provide your child and your family with future treatment options.

Here are some quick facts about cord blood stem cells storage:

  1. Cord blood is rich in stem cells
  2. Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat over 80 diseases
  3. There have been over 40,000 cord blood transplants worldwide
  4. You only have one opportunity to collect your baby’s cord blood and tissue – at birth
  5. Your baby’s cord blood stem cells is a perfect match for your child and may be a match for siblings
  6. Researchers are investigating cord blood to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy, type 1 diabetes, hearing loss and autism

Learning about cord blood during pregnancy meant my timing was perfect. Cord blood collection can only be done at the time of your baby’s birth. The process is done after the umbilical cord has been clamped. It doesn’t hurt me or the baby at all and the doctor easily collects what otherwise would have been thrown away.

Like most families, between me and hubs there are some illnesses in our family history that could be passed down to our little guy. Storing his cord blood and tissue stem cells gives us great peace of mind that we’ll have more medical treatment options if anything were to happen – it’s like a form of medical insurance.

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Why I Chose Insception Lifebank

As a family, we chose to store with Insception Lifebank because they are Canada’s largest cord blood bank, they have stored cord blood for over 75,000 babies so Ty’s in good company! Insception is also one of the few cord blood banks that is actively investing in clinical trials and research for diseases like cerebral palsy and type 1 diabetes.  


Insception makes the whole process very easy for expectant moms. All I had to do was enroll online, then I was sent a collection kit directly to my house. I added it to my hospital bag and gave it to the doctor when I arrived at the hospital and the doctors did the rest. I placed a quick call to Insception Lifebank, and the next day a medical courier came to the hospital to pick up the collection kit. Ty’s cord blood was stored successfully, and will remain so for 30 years (or more!) should we ever need it.

Now that my little guy is here, my main concerns are that he’ll feel happy, safe and loved. Storing my baby’s cord blood was literally a ‘no-brainer’ for me once I researched all the potential benefits. Anything that can give me a little peace of mind and give him an edge in life, I’m down for.


Get Informed

To receive a free info package on storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood, click here and provide your details. I encourage you to do your own research and make an informed decision.




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