Debbie’s 3-Month Fit & Curvy Transformation!


Debbie started her journey with the Hourglass Workout through the online training program, TrainWithLyzabeth (now the Hourglass Workout Online). 

Being local to Toronto, where our flagship gym is, after about a year of doing amazing online, she also joined the in-person Hourglass Workout classes. 

It’s always so fun to work with people online and in person. I felt like I already knew her very well as our online community chatted daily. 

Debbie helped with beta-testing the sugar cleanse and had great success and was super helpful during this process of testing recipes and giving feedback on if the plan was easy to follow and enjoyable. 

In the gym, Debbie continued the heavy-weighted resistance style training that she loved from the online gym training program. She pushed each lift to new heights focusing on big lifts like the deadlift, squat, pull up, row, and kettlebell work. 

Debbie also pushed to the max during all sprint & HIIT training drills. The focus is on quality over quantity in Hourglass Workout. We teach to go to the max but to keep the cardio time short. This is the most effective form of cardio for our members. 

Debbie excelled in this training style and became not just fit and shapely but strong & badass! 

Debbie's testimonial

"I never thought I could push this hard to transform my body in a way that's completely out of my expectation. It was incredibly positive! The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I feel a lot of trust in them and the workouts that they create. I absolutely love the team I train with, the most loving, supportive and motivational group of women, and I look forward to the Hourglass Program because of them, and all the reason above. Hands down, the BEST gym in Toronto!"
Debbie L
Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner

To try this training style for yourself, and learn more about the Hourglass Workout and all the other benefits of this community, click here! 

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