Working out at home is just a different and awesome experience. Who doesn’t want the comfort of a mini gym tucked into their basement or a spare room? A home gym can add huge value to your workout regiment and make it simply easier to get results!

home gym necessities

I know many of you are avid “home gymers” but even if you are not and you prefer the actual gym, know that a home gym can be super handy! It can be handy on those heavy snow days…. or car less days where a commute to the gym is IMPOSSIBLE … or just lazy days! LOL! I think a simple, little home gym is essential for any avid fitness enthusiast and specially important for you busy bodies who do not have a lot of time or resources to be going in and out of the gym!

Today in my Youtube video, I am sharing the home gym necessities! Essentially, its ALL the basics that you need to get started without having to invest into heavy machinery!


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Some of my fave equipment for a home gym include:

  • A sturdy stability ball:

    These come in different sizes so pick one up that is appropriate for your height! Most people fit a 65″ ball!home gym necessities

  • A skipping rope:

    Super cheap investment and just an awesome way of getting cardio in! Check out my Youtube video on how to do the cross here!home gym necessities

  • Dumbbells:

    You can find dumbbells almost any where and every where now! Even the local big box store like Walmart carries them! I would suggest investing in a few pairs (like 5 to 15 lbs) and add more as you get stronger!home gym necessities

  • Kettle Bells:

    Although you can use dumbbells and kettle bells interchangeably for some exercises, there is still a need for kettle bells! Why? Because there is some awesome kettle bell exercises that really cannot be replicated with dumbbells (think a basic kettle bell swing)… if you have a funds grab at least one or two kettle bells!  I would suggest going medium to heavy as most kettle bell exercises are POWER movements that require heavier weights. Best to start off with like a 15, 20 or perhaps a 25 lbs kettle bell and add once you get stronger!home gym necessities

  • Booty Bands:

    …well, DUH! hahaha! Booty bands aka mini pilates bands are great for targeting glute and legs! There is just so many fun exercises you can do with these! They are a cheap investment but totally worth it! Anyone who’s used these know the BUUUUURRRNN…. Let me tell ya, your home gym is just not complete without these things!home gym necessities

Watch my video below for more home gym necessities! As always, I LOVE to hear from you! Drop your comment and questions below! And of course, sign up to my Youtube channel for more fun videos on nutrition, recipes, fitness gear and workouts!

xoxoxox, LL.