How Linda Went From 0-100 Push-Ups


Linda, now fondly known as Mighty Mouse, started with Hourglass Workout looking to get healthier and feel more confident.

Linda surpassed those goals a thousand times over. She would have never guessed that she would stay with the program for over 10 years! In that time she became one of the most motivational and inspirational women in the Hourglass Workout to date!  

When Linda started at Hourglass Workout, it was a struggle to do the 10-minute run that we would often have as a warm-up or any of the push-up drills. While this might have been frustrating, this did not deter her! She stayed consistent and allowed herself to get stronger through consistency. While it was often joked about amongst the Hourglass Teachers that Linda was always late to class, she always showed up, lol! 

Linda's Testimonial

Above video: Linda’s speech after winning the 3-month challenge at the Annual Hourglass Workout Gala. She talked about how taking the first step is the most important part. 

Linda was a hard worker, she liked interacting with the community and she was willing to work hard and didn’t let what she could not do yet, dictate what she could potentially achieve. 

Linda not only learned to do ten push-ups from the toes as her first goal, she learned to do 100 without rest!! She also won the Hourglass Workout 3-Month Challenge, two times! She was also our very first Lifestyle Challenge Award Winner! Watch the video below to see the special reel that we created for her to talk about what she meant to the coaches and community of the Hourglass Workout.

The beauty of consistency is that you really just keep getting better. The above video was some of the early years of Hourglass, but see the video below, Linda now over 50 years old still beating her own records. You inspire us every single day Linda. 

Linda’s Tabata’s were done at such a high level that other people in the class would actually stop their workout to watch and cheer her on! Now that’s what I call inspiration. 

We often do team challenges to motivate everyone. We tried a non-stop push-ups from the toes challenge and Linda who once struggled to do one push up, crushed 100 push-ups (with Carly close behind, pushing her to succeed) and showed what hard work and dedication can get you. See video below of this special class challenge. 

Linda rocked her Challenge Winning Photoshoot and would help the new girls with tips as she came to a few of the shoots as they were great motivation for her to stay on track! Below is Linda and I having fun on set 🙂 

Linda also showed up to all our social events and was ALWAYS there to cheer on the rest of the community. This woman will always hold a very special place in my heart. Here are some Hourglass Workout event photos with our lovely Linda L.

Linda followed the Hourglass Workout Classes and my Classic Eating Plan. To try out Hourglass Workout online with home & gym workouts + eating plans, community support and weekly zoom calls with Lyzabeth, click here to learn more! 

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