How Rocky Got & Stayed Fit With Her Hourglass Workout Family


I have to say that Rocky has been beyond a pleasure to work with. 

While she is one of the hardest-working people ever to take a class, she’s still able to keep it light and fun! Rocky is known to break out into song & dance while training, lol. 

Rocky's Testimonial

Hourglass Workout challenge winner photoshoot

Rocky focused on heavy lifts completed with excellent form to add muscle & curves to her frame. 

She was a massive part of the success of our community as she was also one of the biggest cheerleaders for all the other members. 

While I know that Hourglass Workout is a fantastic program, the community among members (online & in-person) is a big reason so many people fall in love with Hourglass and see so much success. 

When your clients work hard but also have a sense of humor. They surprised me with this dance, lol! 

It isn’t all fun and games, though. There is also a lot of hard work, heavy lifts, and fast sprints, true to the Hourglass Training Method

It’s not all lower body/booty at Hourglass. We also need to shape out the top of the Hourglass. 

We use strength bands regularly in class. You can find the strength bands at most fitness equipment stores and pair them with a door-frame pull-up bar to try this fantastic exercise at home. I’ve had hundreds of clients learn their pull-ups with the method shown in this video below:

I’m so honored to have such phenomenal women as a part of the Hourglass Workout

Rocky has also started teaching in-person fitness classes, and I’m so proud of her. I’m sure she’s a phenomenal teacher. We love you, Rocky! #HGOG #5pmstrong #hourglassfamilyforever 

If you’d like to try the program that Rocky did for her beautiful-curvy-fit transformation, learn more about the Hourglass Workout Online with all your home & gym workouts, eating plan, and community, workout tutorials, weekly zooms with me as your coach, and more. Click here to learn more, and let’s get started! 

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