Kaitlyn’s Super-Fit Hourglass Transformation :)


One of the best things to happen to Hourglass Workout was Kaitlyn joining the team. 

Kaitlyn joined us with a degree in Physiology and a diploma in Recreation & Leisure Services (a program I had also taken). 

Kaitlyn was already heavily involved in fitness and a regular in the gym. 

She didn’t participate in the three-month challenge as she worked at the gym as the GM, but she took the classes regularly and tested my eating plans for me as well. 

We took a little before after and were surprised at the results! Dang girl! You already looked good, but you really look great! Super-fit and the picture of health. 

Kaitlyn went on to get her certification in Personal Training and her Hourglass Workout Instructor Certification and began teaching Hourglass Workout Classes. She quickly became a favorite due to her challenging classes and fun personality. 

You can now catch her on our Hourglass OnDemand Classes, where she kicks butt regularly and helps out on team coaching calls. 

Kaitlyn has been an essential part of the community since 2017, and we could not be more proud to have her as a team member. 

Woot Woot! We love you Kaitlyn! 

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