Maya’s 3-Month Sexy Hourglass Transformation!


Maya was a member of the original Hourglass Workout in-person gym program. The Hourglass in-person gyms were open for 13 years from 2007-2020 but closed the doors of all locations after over a year of mandated gym shut-downs by the government due to Covid-19 restrictions in Ontario, Canada. 

During that time, we also offered online training,, but now all programming has moved online. 

In-person or online, we still follow the same protocols, which are now created into an online version. The eating plans remain the same, and the nutrition workshops and how-to train workshops are now designed into free courses that members can access anytime. 

Check out this awesome video of a typical Hourglass Workout strength class where Maya and her classmates are working on a new max weight for hip thrusts. 

You’ll also find these challenges and training styles on our new Hourglass Workout online training platform. 

For these beautiful, fit results taking Maya from a cute petite frame to a curvy, fit bombshell, Maya learned to lift heavy with good form. 

One of the critical lessons that you’ll learn in the Hourglass Workout is to keep challenging your body. This doesn’t mean you need to change the workout or exercises constantly, but to learn to lift to failure, to push the HIIT and sprint sessions to the max, and to understand healthy eating for a long-lasting lifestyle. 

Maya excelled with all that she learned at the Hourglass Workout. In addition, she brought tremendous energy to each class and stayed consistent. 

She engaged in community activities and made friends within the class. She made these workouts and lifestyles a part of her life, and that’s the key to creating a healthy lifestyle and making permanent changes for lasting results. 

Maya's Testimonial

It was truly a challenge, but it was one of the best experiences with some of the best support! It was hard, but the best things in life need some work. It was amazing to see how my body transformed and how strong I became mentally and physically. I loved every moment of it!
Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner

To try an online version of the workout protocol that Maya did at the Hourglass Workout, click here to learn more about our home & gym training options, eating plans, and more! 

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