How Abby Went From Skinny-Fat To Fit & Curvy!


Abby's Testimonial

"In January 2010 I joined Lyzabeth Lopez’s Hourglass Workout after seeing some before and after photos on her website. I finally learned the value of weight training. And for the first time, that soft pouch of a stomach is disappearing. I never thought I needed to lift weights to get rid of stomach fat. I thought I had to run for hours…it’s even why I chose running as my first go at fitness. But within months of HGW, the small pockets of fat started disappearing and now I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. When I started the class, I couldn’t do 1 full push-up and now I can do 32 to failure. I am still aiming for more. So now that it’s January 2011, it’s like…what’s next? What other goal can I achieve? I’ve decided that this year, the year I turn the big 3-0, I want to train for a fitness competition. The WBFF in Toronto on August 27. 203 days from today. It’s going to take A LOT of commitment, discipline, and training but I have faith in myself. I’m feeling really strong; both physically and mentally. I want to see what morbid pleasure I can derive from the discipline required to hit the gym 6 out of 7 days a week. I want to look back and say, “I used to be skinny fat”.
Hourglass Workout Member

Abby’s hard work paid off! She looked phenomenal, fit & curvy for stage day! 

Abby worked hard in class and followed the Muslce Building (Curve Builder) Hourglass Protocol. To create her very feminine curves, she really did lift very heavy weights! We pushed progressive overlaod aiming for failure within 4-12 reps on strength days and focused on intense HIIT cardio during for fat loss, knowing her aim is not weight loss. Here are a couple of her workouts. 

Abby doing 15lbs/hand lateral step ups on a thigh high step! This is a pretty intense weight for such a high step. The step being this high helps to really hit the glute/hamstring tie-in area. It also sending the heart rate way up due to the intensity adding to fat-buring potential. This was part of a met-con leg workout mixing strength training and HIIT in the same workout. 

This is the type of cardo that we often do at Hourglass Workout. It’s very short in duration, a max of 4 minutes with rests included, but the intensity is well over the general 80% of HR MAX. I believe in True Tabatas, True Sprints, and Optimized Cardio Sessions. 

In this workout, we usually call it ‘Pushing through Mud’ as the dial should be turned up high enough to give the feeling of riding through mud, lol. This works the leg muscles and the heart and allows for fundamental body changes in this very short burst of training where a set will not last more than 30 seconds to a minute, and the goal is failure (failure being a good thing in this case). 

Abby and Safiya are shown doing this Killer Cardio Set together. You can find this exact follow-along drill on my TWL APP

Here are Abby’s long-term results from staying consistent with her Hourglass Workout Classes and following the Muscle Building Eating Plan guidelines. Check out Hourglass Workout Online to start your transformation today! 

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