The First-Ever, Hourglass Workout Transformation Winner in 2008, Mary Channer!


Mary's Testimonial


Up until October 2007, Mary was always active working out at the gym or trying different things to lose weight and even though she was a regular at the gym she claims she didn’t really know what to do. Fast forward to June 2008, she attended a networking event called “What Women Want” at the Intercontinental hotel and was wowed by a poster that drew her to meet Lyzabeth.  She was drawn to the fact that not only was she in shape and attractive but she had a feminine shape that she thought was beautiful. This encounter was the beginning of Mary’s Hourglass journey.

Mary and Lyzabeth at the What Women Want Event in June 2008
Mary’s friendly and outgoing attitude shines throughout and everyone who is around her is drawn to her smile which makes her personality shine. Mary recently sat down with Hourglass Executive team member Vanessa to learn more about her Hourglass experience.

What made you join the Hourglass program?
Everywhere I looked I saw “Boot camp” signs posted in the city.  They were all traditional or old-fashioned styled programs and I knew after speaking to Lyzabeth that her class would be different and I had to be a part of it.

Mary before Hourglass
For those of you who don’t know, Mary was the very first Hourglass Challenge winner…How did you feel when you saw the end result?
Funny enough, I didn’t see the results. It was the people around me that noticed.  One day I was wearing a purple tank top at work and someone mentioned to me how small my waist was.  When I saw the before and after pictures, I was overjoyed with excitement, like “Oh my goodness!”  It was a great feeling (tears in her eyes).

What is the best thing that Hourglass taught you?
How to own my body.

What is the one word you can use to sum up your experience?

Do you have any words of encouragement for future participants?
Hourglass is unlike any workout you will ever experience and it gets you the results you want and that makes it easy for you to stick with it.

Other than wanting to have met Lyzabeth 10 years ago, Mary has nothing but positive things to say about the Hourglass Workout. Mary thanks Lyzabeth for opening a new chapter in her life that has introduced healthier eating with no gimmicks and a new passion for working out on her own and actually knowing what to do. Mary now set a new goal for herself of competing in fitness competitions.

Look out for Mary in future Hourglass classes and don’t be afraid to ask her for help, all she wants is to pass on the knowledge that was given to her to succeed because she knows firsthand that it works.

If you’re looking for an excellent transformation program with home & gym workout options, great support, weekly zoom accountability sessions, eating plans, and proven results, click here to learn more about the Hourglass Workout Online. 

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