Supplements For Vegans: 7 Must Haves!



Vegans enjoy a rich diet in plant based foods, which means they are void of animal based protein and fats. Although this is not a bad thing, it can cause some nutritional imbalances.

Most of us get our b-vitamins, iron, folic acid and of course essential amino acids from animal meat and poultry. So a diet void of animal based foods is often lacking those nutrients.

Does this mean you should chew on steak once in awhile? No! It means you should consider using a few supplements to ensure you are getting the right nutrients into your body. This is especially important if you are weight training or exercising as we deplete vitamins and minerals when we exercise. Also, our muscles need protein and amino acids to recover and grow. Thus it’s super important to ensure you are getting enough protein!


Here are 7 supplements that I would recommend for all vegans!

  1. Essential Amino Acids:

    Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are a group of 9 amino acids that can only be ingested from diet. They are the most important to muscle growth, tissue repair and recovery. EAAs can help you maintain muscle mass especially in times of high endurance activities. Most  vegans unfortunately have a difficult time getting enough protein, thus it’s a good idea to invest in EAAs. I would suggest taking these during workouts.

  2. Vegan, Pea, Rice or Hemp based protein supplement:

    As mentioned above, most vegans have a difficult time getting enough protein so it’s a good idea to invest in a vegan or plant based protein supplement. It’s one of the easiest way to get protein in! It’s also super important for recovery after workouts as protein help rebuild lean tissue. Some brands include Bodylogix, and Vega. Looking for more info on how to choose the right protein powder? Make sure to read my post here!

  3. B vitamins/ B Complex / B12:

    Because vegans don’t consume meat they often fall short of the vitamins and minerals in red meat. This includes B-vitamins. B-vitamins are important for energy production and cell metabolism. I would recommend taking some additional B-vitamins. Speak to a Naturopath or Registered Nutritionist on which type and brand is best suited for you!

  4. Iron:

    According to the American Heart Association, “Vegans may have a greater risk of iron deficiency than non vegans. The richest sources of iron are red meat, liver and egg yolk …. However, dried beans, spinach, enriched products, brewer’s yeast and dried fruits are all good plant sources of iron.”    Even with eating more plant foods, you may still be very iron deficient. I would suggest investing in sea veggies like Chlorella  or Spirulina which have Iron or an actual Iron supplement.

  5. Chlorella or Spirulina:

    Both these algae have minerals and vitamins AND protein! Spirulina has a higher percentage of protein and iron than chlorella. It also has all essential amino acids, potassium, zinc, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Either of these are good options to get in your vitamins and minerals. The added bonus: you can get your iron and b-vitamin simply by adding either of these super foods to your diet! You can buy these in powder or pill format… either way is good!

  6. BCAAs

    I would suggest you invest in BCAAs to ensure you are recovering from workouts and retaining as much muscle tissue as possible. Remember muscle is an active tissue that gives a much needed boost in metabolism so best to try your best to preserve it! Fortunately, there are many brands that do not utilize animal products however it is advisable to read the ingredients list to make sure other unnecessary fillers are not added to your muscle preserving supplement!

  7. L-Glutamine

    When you lower your caloric intake and increase your exercise intensity at the same time, it’s important to realize that you may be lacking necessary nutrients that help preserve your muscle. Alongside BCAAs, glutamine is another amino acid that helps to repair and restore muscle after intense work. Not only that, but glutamine helps to repair organs and other tissues like in the digestive system so that you can better absorb and retain the nutrients consumed. Most Glutamine supplements are purely Glutamine, however as always it is important to check the labels to ensure there are no unwanted additions.

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These top 7 supplements can help you get the nutrients that you may lack as a vegan! If you want me to lead you through all these above tips and more and join my amazing support board of thousands of amazing women also doing the program, check out THIS LINK to see more and join the program!

xoxo, LL.

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