Don’t Have Time to Workout? This is For You!

I love this drill!!! This is a 7-minute no equipment HIIT workout for the whole body! Hourglass client Akua (pronounced Ah-kwee-ah) is showing you guys the beginner/ intermediate version and Hourglass client Charlene is showing the Advanced version. You can jump back and forth between the two as well. This is a 100% zero equipment workout, you could do it in a hotel room, at the beach, in your living room or at the gym. I pulled this drill from my workout APP ‘TWLAPP’ (see link below to try my app for free) Give this workout a try and show some love to Hourglass Workout friends/ clients: Charlene and Akua in the comments below and let me know how you did!!!

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Do it right in your living room!

Let me break it down for you:
15 seconds work

4 seconds break
7 exercises
3 times though

Ready for the exercises? 
1. burpee push up

2. Canadian mountain climbers
3. Alternating Hiccup (alt: cherry bomb)
4. Clap your hands click your heels (alt: jumping jacks)
5. Tuck jumps (alt: high knees)
6. Pop pop plié
7. Ski hops


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