How Tyra Went From ‘Skinny-Fat’ to ‘Thick-Fit’ in Just 3 Months!


Hourglass Workout
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Tyra’s 3-Month Transformation with Hourglass Workout’s Curve Builder Protocol. 

Tyra’s 3-Month Transformation with Hourglass Workout’s Curve Builder Protocol. 

Tyra’s long term results with Hourglass Workout Curve Builder Protocol. 


Tyra joined me and the Hourglass Workout program in 2009. She immediately realized how much she loved not just the workout and learning, but the amazing community.  

Hourglass Challenge Winner & Instructor Photoshoot BTS! 

While Tyra started out with a great body and what many women would be happy with as their ‘before body’, Tyra was a hard worker and wanted to gain muscle and size. This sparked my thought process to not just offer a general weight loss transformation program, but to create a muscle building transformation program. Tyra was one of my first Hourglass Workout ‘Muscle Challenge’ winners. I’m so proud of her.

Tyra & 1 at the Hourglass Workout Annual Gala

Adding muscle on someone that may be a bit more of a hard-gainer, is a different protocol than those that are looking for weight loss while wanting to maintain curves. For Tyra, we included all of the same lifts that the other girls were doing, but we focused heavily on progressive overload. We kept track of her weights and ensured that we were steadily increasing the weight. This is not the only training factor though. Understanding how to flex and contract properly was also very important to ensure maximum engagement of muscle fibers in order to see new growth. 

As far as diet, Tyra was a bit lucky in this regard, as she was able to consume some sweets and didn’t need to be in a calorie deficit as we were working against her naturally fast metabolism to ensure that we had adequate calories to maintain her new muscle mass. 

There was very little cardio done. One, she’s not a fan, lol. Tyra would rather be lifting and working on form and new weight achievements than doing long runs. I did get her to regularly engage in challenging activities to get her heart rate up though, including some sprint work and agility drills. 

Group photoshoot of all of the Hourglass Workout Instructors 

I truly enjoyed training Tyra. She also loved the program so much that she became one of my first Hourglass Workout licensees opening two Hourglass Workout locations. She is a fantastic coach. I love when things come full circle.  Tyra when asked her favorite thing about Hourglass Workout: “It’s for life, it may take a minute to get used to but once you got it…it’s the best thing that can happen to you!  Your health is the best investment you can make for your life.”

Tyra's Testimonial

If you’d like to try this program style that I created for Tyra’s beautiful transformation, check out the Hourglass Workout Online and choose: The Curve Builder Program. Start your transformation today! 

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